Survival Rate of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy survivalChemotherapy survival depends on many factor. Chemotherapy is the treatment utilized for treating cancer by using chemotherapy drugs to hinder the growth of cancerous cells. It is a very systematic and useful method for treating various types of cancer. This treatment has increased the chances of survival of patients being treated with chemotherapy.

This treatment is given to the patients before or after surgery and is given in cycles. The type of treatment and its dosage are determined on the basis of the factors such as the type of cancer, health of the patient and the stage at which it was diagnosed.

This treatment involves certain side effects such as hair loss, vomiting, nausea, fatigue, constipation, changes in the nervous system, bone marrow suppression. You have to also take into consideration the fact that these side effects are temporary and will last only till the treatment lasts.

There is a common fear among people that chemotherapy not only destroys cancerous cells but also destroys healthy cells in our body. This clearly affects our immune system and makes us susceptible to many other diseases.

Many research studies have been conducted to find out the survival rates of cancer patients treated with chemotherapy. It has resulted in lot of improvement in the treatment and led to the discovery of many new and improved drugs. This also provides better treatment and increases their chance of survival.

There are many varieties of chemotherapy treatment. It has been found that for some the survival rates of using the combination chemotherapy is more than using one drug chemotherapy treatment. The reason for combination chemotherapy being effective is that it destroys all the cancerous cells in the body and also obstructs its growth.


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